My name is Steve, and I live outside Cambridge, UK. This blog is just a collection of random, semi-techie/nerdy/geeky posting about me and my life. Nothing too deep or thought provoking (hopefully!), just somewhere for me to get my thoughts out into writing and pictures.

As mentioned in my first blog entry, things I will be probably discussing include:

  • Electronics, Arduino, Phidgits, Raspberry Pi, etc
  • Offensive Network Security (Penetration Testing, secure coding, writing own exploit code, etc)
  • Learn to code in something more than just the Perl I am used to
  • Some projects for my astrophotography

But there may well be some other items thrown in, like IPv6 test lab issues, preparation for DEFCON trips, some videos from various places, and other things that will come along as life throws them at me :)