Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Well, as per normal, my blog got left by the wayside :( Sorry about that. I didn’t even get to complete my roadtrip reports from *LAST YEAR*. I need to work on (and then post up) the dashcam video from that trip, which was 7000 miles. Its kind of ready in a rough form, just need to tidy it up a little. It was a lot of driving through some of the most amazing landscapes, but the days were long (especially driving 11 hours through Nebraska in one day!), which left very little time to update the blog with posts for each day. Yes, that is inexcusably poor…. sorry!

The biggest change for me recently is that I started to exercise i an effort to lose some weight. And I have lost weight… nearly 40lbs since the end of September last year. Its been hard work, but nothing that is worthwhile in life is ever easy. I have kind of hit a plateau for my weight, but I haven’t given up on it. It will start to drop again at some point, I am sure. I also started with some free weights to start putting some definitions into the various upper body muscle groups that needed to be worked on.

A few things are coming up in the next few months that I will probably post on here about. Another roadtrip to plan, flights, and travel arrangements for that, plus the stay in Las Vegas for BSidesLV and DEF CON.

Before all that though, I start my Offensive Security “Penetration testing with Kali Linux” training in just over a week (22nd March), which will really stretch me to my limits. I am under no illusion that it will hurt, but what I don’t know is just how much. Will things I have done over the years suddenly come flooding back to me, and help me through some of the training? Or is it gone forever, and I need to get my aging creaky old brain to learn it all again from scratch over the 90 days of lab time I am going to get? Right now, I keep flip flopping between the two possible outcomes. The only way I`ll know is when I get the course materials and work my way through them. I`ll try to document my pain, suffering, failures and successes here… but given my previous blog update failures, don’t be surprised if its a bit sporadic.


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