Saturday 26th – Fairmont MN to Mobridge SD

20140726-route~500miles, 7 hours 45, Fairmont MN -> Sioux Falls SD -> Watertown SD -> Aberdeen SD -> Ellendale ND -> Mobridge SD.

The day started out a little damp from some light rain while I was shoving breakfast down me :)

20140726-breakfastAfter I waddled to the car (I was so full!), off I went… and immediately ran into something that had me chuckling a little. Here I was driving a left hand drive car, in the right hand lane… of the wrong carriageway! Does this count towards my “driving on the wrong side of the road” tally? :)

20140725-wrongsideAs soon as I turned north at Sioux Falls SD, the skies just opened up and let loose with everything they had. Rain, hail, lightning, wind…. it was grim!¬†with almost no traffic (this was the only time I saw two cars at the same time on my side of the road), it didn’t seem to slow the trip down at all. It was like this all the way up to Watertown, where it suddenly cleared to a bright blue sky for the rest of the day.

20140726-rainA very uneventful rest of the day to be honest. Blue skies, fields, farms, more sodding corn, some wheat, lots of small lakes in South Dakota. I was going to stop at Ellendale ND, but when I got there, although there was a motel, the highlight of the town appeared to be a buffalo museum. Move along! To be honest, I am about 4 hours ahead of where I planned to be, which I was really hoping would be the case. At this rate, I can pretty much spend the whole day in Yellowstone park in a few days time without having to just drive through quickly and see it out the window.

Also, I am just about done with driving down long straight roads alongside farms, especially with fields of corn. South and North Dakota, you have been nice to me and allowed me to make up some good time on this journey, but I am not sure I will be returning any time soon to drive along your practically deserted roads.

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