Reset All The Roadtrip Things!

Its that time of year where I reset the “roadtrip list of things”. So, in no particular order:

Number of countries I get asked if I am from: 0

Number of times I had to avoid pickles: 0 (cc Miss DJ Jackalope)

Roadkill: 0

Nearly being run off the road by rednecks or native americans: 0

Weight of bacon consumed: 0

Number of Zombies killed: 0

Number of hugs, awkward of otherwise (cc Jayson E. Street): 0

Rounds fired: 0

Miles: 0

Bottles of water consumed: 0

Bottles of Gatorade consumed: 0

Number of times I am delayed by serving staff in restaurants who just want to hear more of my English accent: 0

Number of items I had to buy because I forgot to pack them: 0

Number of interactions with local law enforcement: 0

Number of days where American chocolate actually tastes OK: 0

Number of times I drive without the aircon on: 0

Old friends met: 0

New friends made: 0

New states visited: 0

Disasters avoided: 0

Driving on the wrong side of the road incidents: 0

Number of route changes due to fires: 0

Number of times I swap to American idioms and spelling without realizing: 0 (see what I did there?)

Pictures taken (650D): 0

Pictures taken (dashcam): 0

Hangovers: 0

Number of times I cant find a hotel and end up sleeping in the car: 0

Anything else I may have missed will get updated as it happens :)

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