Roadtrip 2014

10 weeks today, I`ll be on a plane heading for Chicago ORD on the start of this year’s road trip.

I usually fly into Las Vegas for my road trips, but I have covered pretty much all the states in a 5 day drive radius from there, so this year its a bit different, and much longer.

Chicago -> Portland -> San Diego -> Las Vegas -> Chicago

Roughly 6000 miles, with a week long stop over in Vegas for BSidesLV’s 5th Anniversary Extravaganza!!, DEFCON Hacking Conference, and shooting Zombies in the desert :)

Having done several big road trips around the US in the past, I am pretty sure its achievable, but there are places I can cut corners to make up time if I get caught in traffic or poor weather.

For me, its mostly the driving that I enjoy (well, apart from bacon!)… just me and the car on the road, soaking up the miles, stopping whenever and wherever I want. Its not generally the destination that interests me, nor is it the larger cities. Its all about the experience between places, those empty roads and stunning views that just jump out at you when you round a bend or drive over the top of a mountain pass. Those are the memories I bring back with me.

Road trip will be blogged here as often as I can :)20140515-roadtrip-640

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