Road Trip – 28th July 2013, Deming (New Mexico) to San Diego (California)

The last day of the real roadtrip, and I was a little further from San Diego than I had planned. It left me a 620 mile trip to do in a single day. Not impossible, as it was I-8 and I-10 all the way to the coast, but it was still going to be a long day on the road… the longest day of the entire trip. Still, to be only ~200 miles off where I planned to be after 9 days on the road was pretty good I thought.

Not much to report on the last day. I was interstate the whole way, with the vast patrolled US/Mexico border area to my left for a large percentage of the trip. I stopped at the usual border checkpoints along the interstate (not just me, but everyone), and was asked at each one if I worked for the UK military. That did seem quite absurd, as I sat there, with my blue/green mohawk and my Mr Grumpy T-shirt on. Yeah, obviously standard uniform these days :)

I grabbed some lunch at a Denny’s in Yuma AZ, and it was there that I worked out one of the technical problems I was having on the trip. Like last year, I had attached my GoPro to record the road trip with time lapsed images (every 10 seconds) which I could string together into a video. The camera was being powered from the lighter socket via a 12V to USB adapter.


Last year that worked great, but this year, the GoPro was only recording part of the day, and then turning itself off. It took me until the last day to work out the the GoPro was always turning itself off when I stopped for food or fuel. Actually, it was turning itself off when I went to restart the car after the stops, and so I think there was a larger voltage drop when I fired up the engine than last year, and that was turning the GoPro off. As it was stuck to the inside of the glass, and up behind the rear view mirror, I hadn’t noticed this behaviour as it happened. So, sadly, despite driving through some of the most amazing scenery on this year’s trip, the time lapse videos are a bit short :( I will compile them soon and maybe edit the good bits into one video, but I am quite disappointed that there won’t be a full distance roadtrip timelapse this year.

After an uneventful day on the road, I rolled into San Diego late in the afternoon, having completed 3640 miles in 10 days, passing through 10 states. My non-work part of the trip was over. It really didn’t seem like 10 days, it felt much shorter than that. And, as much as I had enjoy the miles and the scenery, I was looking forward to staying in the same hotel for a few nights in a row while I worked at the San Diego office for a couple of days.

So, things that were on my to-do list… laundry! 10 days worth of laundry…. eeeuuuwww! :)


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